award-winning documentary "AshBash: a love story"

The award-winning documentary "AshBash: a love story" (directed by Heidi Sullivan, ’89; HLS ’97) will be screening at the historic Regent Theatre as part of the Arlington (MA) International Film Festival on Saturday October 20, 2012 at 8:50pm (Q&A with director and subject to follow the screening).  

The Arlington International Film Festival was started last year by Harvard alum April Ranck and her husband, Alberto Guzman.


The "uplifting", "thought-provoking", and "laugh-out-loud funny" film - which stands the traditional happy ending on its head - centers on a single woman (Ashley Norwood) and her decision to celebrate her single life by throwing herself the wedding reception she never had - and turning it into a family talent show. 


AshBash features the art of Emmy-award-winning Bonnie Timmons (of "Caroline in the City” fame) and the original music of local jazz legend Rusty Scott.


Come join the party - and experience a phenomenon like no other! 


A single woman.  A singular celebration.  The inspiring film that tells the story.

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