Welcome to Harvardwood Helps

The mission of Harvardwood Helps is to identify ways to deepen Harvardwood's commitment to community service.  We aim to raise awareness about causes of interest and community service events to Harvardwood members worldwide. 

EVERYONE is invited to share information about the causes you care about with the Harvardwood community here! Whether it's an upcoming food drive, a peaceful march, a special volunteer opportunity, or just a general PSA about a great cause you support, feel free to share. 

In 2013, Harvardwood Helps launched a new grant-giving program, Harvardwood Heroes, to spotlight and support those members of the Harvard community who have made an exceptional contribution to the community, specifically at the intersection of arts and service. Grant recipients do not have to be Harvardwood members, but they do have to be Harvard students, alums, staff, or faculty. The deadline to apply for a 2017 Harvardwood Heroes has passed. We will begin accepting 2018 Harvardwood Heroes applications in Summer 2018

If you have any ideas for public service events, projects, or organizations that you would like to see Harvardwood support, please email [email protected]. Also, check out past Harvardwood Helps events for ideas!

 Libraries_in_SF.jpgKaitlin McGaw '00, a 2014 Harvardwood Heroes grant recipient