Videos by Harvardwood Members

Harvardwood's Member Videos showcase our community's creativity through trailers, clips, shorts, sound recordings, interviews, etc.

Once a video is posted, it will be featured in the next Harvardwood Weekly newsletter, which is mailed every Monday morning to our entire membership base of almost 7,000 alums worldwide. The post must be received by the preceding Sunday afternoon to be included; otherwise, it will be featured in the next Monday's Weekly.

The Member Videos channel is a great way to share your creative work with the broader Harvard community in the arts, media, and entertainment!

Instructions for Posting

Upload your creative work to an established video-sharing site, such as YouTube or Vimeo. Be sure to observe copyright considerations.

For Full Members: Submit your video, and it'll be added to the Harvardwood Channel's Member Videos! The video submission form is only accessible by Full Members; if you are not a Harvardwood Full Member, join here.

For Harvard-Affiliated Non-Members: Submit the posting fee ($30/post) and video here.

The Harvardwood Member Videos section only features work by Harvardwood members and Harvard-affiliated individuals. It does not feature videos by Friends of Harvardwood or non-Harvard-affiliated individuals.

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