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Use the following buttons to publicize your latest industry success and professional news through Harvardwood's official Facebook page, our monthly Highlights magazine, or the Harvardwood Heads To... calendar.


NEW: Harvardwood Byline Bulletin

Harvardwood has created a new platform for journalists, columnists, bloggers, and other content creators to share their work with our network of 6,000+ students and alums worldwide. 


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The Harvardwood Channel features Internet broadcasts and archived recordings of Harvardwood events. Only Full Members of Harvardwood are allowed access to this feature.

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Our Member Videos section is where you can view examples of Harvardwood creativity, e.g., trailers, clips, shorts, sound recordings, interviews, and so on. Anyone can view, but only dues-current Full Members can post their work to the Harvardwood Channel.

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The Art Gallery features stunning work by Harvardwood's visual artists. Anyone can view, but only dues-current Full Members can post their work to the Harvardwood Channel.

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Visit our Bulletin Board for classifieds, real estate listings, information about activities/events in your area, professional discussions, and more.

Fiscal Sponsorship Program

If you're a filmmaker with a non-commercial project and seeking funding from an organization that requires you to be a tax-exempt NPO, Harvardwood can serve as your NPO fiscal sponsor. Find out how to apply.

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