Companies — Find Harvard students!

Companies seeking to recruit Harvard students can partner with Harvardwood through our annual 101 Program, which takes place every January in Los Angeles, and the Harvardwood Summer Internship Program.

Harvardwood Summer Internship Program

If your arts/media/entertainment company offers summer internships and would like to recruit applications from current Harvard Students, we invite you to participate in the Harvardwood Summer Internship Program (HSIP). Companies can list their summer internship opportunities and reach current Harvard College students for free via HSIP.

Get a Summer Intern

When HSIP is not in season, you can still post your company's opportunities and recruit Harvard students/alums in the Harvardwood Career Center (for a fee). All new job postings are included in our weekly newsletter that goes out every Monday, as long as they are submitted by the prior Sunday evening.

Harvardwood 101

The Harvardwood 101 career exploration program brings two dozen current undergraduates to Los Angeles during the January term and provides a series of career-related activities in order to demystify Hollywood and educate them about careers in the entertainment industry.

If your company has offices in Los Angeles and you're interested in:

  • Having Harvardwood 101 students visit your office;
  • Hosting a company informational; and/or
  • Interviewing current Harvard students for summer internship opportunities

Meet 101 Students

If your company would like a student intern for the month of January:

Get a January Intern

Harvardwood 101 is one of our flagship programs—find out how your company can reach current Harvard students eager to intern and work in entertainment.

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