Harvardwood has provided an excellent network for artists, writers, filmmakers in Atlanta to connect with one another, share interests and ideas, collaborate, and generate support for their work. 

Georgia Harvardwood activities have included meet-and-greet parties where creative individuals can share ideas about their work and network, attendance at film screenings of films by up-and-coming directors (both Harvard alumni and non-Harvard alumni), and attendance at musicals and theater events. 

The Harvardwood website has also provided an important medium for alumni involved in the film industry in Georgia (which is growing very quickly) to let other local alumni know about upcoming events.  Events planned for 2014 and 2015 include a "storytelling" series that will offer participants the chance to discuss songwriting, prose writing, and the generation of other creative ideas.

Find out about local events on Twitter with #HarvardwoodGA!

Past events:

  • Harvardwood Heads To ... (Chapter Head) Ashley Filip, Billy Gewin, & Allison Adams
  • Harvardwood Heads To ... Screenwriter School with Michael Lucker
  • Harvardwood Heads To ... ATL Screening of PRIVATE VIOLENCE & Panel Discussion
  • Harvardwood GA Kick-off Mixer

Contact Chapter Head Ashley Filip Hoffman for more info about Harvardwood ATL. If you'd like to volunteer for Harvardwood ATL, let us know (indicate "ATL Chapter" in the Comments section).

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