101 FAQs

Who can apply to Harvardwood 101?


Current Harvard College students who are dues-current, Full Members of Harvardwood may apply to and participate in Harvardwood 101.

If you haven't already, register for Harvardwood here; if you were previously a member but your membership subscription has lapsed, log in and renew it here.

When is the application period?


We begin accepting applications for Harvardwood 101 at the beginning of the academic year. The application period typically closes in mid October.

Register as a Harvardwood member to receive timely updates about all relevant dates for the program.

When and for how long does Harvardwood 101 run?


The "Boot Camp" portion of Harvardwood 101 is mandatory and is typically the first week in January. 

Students who have completed Boot Camp can also opt to participate in a Winternship for the remaining two weeks of the J-term (pending availability). 

How much does Harvardwood 101 typically cost?


Harvardwood 101 Boot Camp costs $1,200, which covers all programming Tues-Fri, housing, transportation to and from each event venue, and most meals. Students are expected to cover the cost of their flight to and from LA, transportation to the hotel on the first and last day of 101, and additional meals and snacks.

Harvardwood arranges communal housing (at the Freehand Hotel) for all Harvardwood 101 participants. Program participants will be picked up from this location and transported via bus around the city for the first week of Boot Camp. Participants can then choose to stay at Freehand Hotel during their Winternship if they like.

Students who stay for both Boot Camp and the Winternship should raise about $2,000-$2,500 to cover: 

    $600* - Housing (*This number is based on the Freehand Hotel nightly rate for a dorm bed. Participants may choose an alternative at their own expense. Many students opt for Harvardwood-arranged housing, and the current prices at our housing provider. We cannot guarantee this until we receive final pricing from the housing provider, but those are the expected rates as of right now. We will also have a very limited number of free homestays available by lottery for students on financial aid.)

    $90 - 101 Winternship Fee (students on financial aid are eligible for waived fee)

    $500-$600 - Food for 2 weeks

    $200-$300 - Transportation for 2 weeks (The LAX Flyaway bus connects LAX and Downtown LA for $10/ride)

    $550* - Roundtrip airfare between Boston and Los Angeles (*please note this is an estimate, as airline prices fluctuate daily

Transportation is covered during the first week of Boot Camp, but you will need to account for transportation if you stay for a Winternship. There is a bus and subway system in LA but it is very limited. Students are encouraged to arrange carpools with their fellow peers or use rideshare app alternatives.  

If accepted into the 101 program, Harvard College students who receive financial aid will be eligible for a stipend from the Mignone Center for Career Success that will cover the program fee for boot camp and Winternship (if applicable), a one-year membership to Harvardwood, and a modest travel stipend. Please keep in mind that this funding is not exhaustive and students are expected to cover other expenses.

The additional fees for Winternships will only be assessed once a student is matched with a company and accepts that match. If a student applies for a Winternship but does not match with a company or declines a match that is offered, they will not need to pay the Winternship fee.

Mignone Center for Career Success (MCS) funding for students who receive financial aid will cover the entirety of the program fee for the one-week Boot Camp (including one year of Harvardwood membership, which is a pre-requisite for participating in 101) plus a modest travel stipend. Please keep in mind that this funding is not exhaustive and students are expected to cover other expenses.

Can I stay with friends or relatives in Los Angeles while participating in Harvardwood 101?


Possibly, but please contact us before completing registration with information on where you’d like to stay and how you will travel to meet the larger group at the communal housing each day of Boot Camp (all participants must depart together on the bus each morning and will not be able to arrange to meet us “along the way”). There will not be a program fee discount for students who provide their own housing.

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