Where can I change my email preferences?

Harvardwood periodically sends invitations to special events, announcements about upcoming program deadlines and other opportunities, daily-updated job listings, and more.

  • Every Monday: The Harvardwood WEEKLY is sent on a weekly basis and includes upcoming events, general announcements, and the latest job listings posted to our Career Center.

  • The 1st of each month: The Harvardwood HIGHLIGHTS is our special monthly magazine that features our members' recent industry successes, the monthly Alumni Profile, the Harvardwood Artist Showcase, New Members' Welcome, and other special features.

  • Chapter newsletters will include information about events and programs that are specific to your local Harvardwood chapter. These emails are sent less frequently, approximately twice a month, depending on Harvardwood's events calendar and program news.

Visit this page to manage your Harvardwood email preferences.

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