AIDS at Thirty Documentary Fundraising Promo

Posted by Paul M. Suchecki

You can be on the cutting edge of a revolution in mass media, by backing a vital documentary that impacts one of the most important issues of our day, our health. 

On July 27, 1982 at a meeting in Washington, DC, the Centers for Disease Control tried to define a growing epidemic, calling it the acquired immune deficiency syndrome, or AIDS. 

In the thirty years since, more than 25 million victims have died. There is still no cure. Each year 50,000 more Americans get infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, including infants who will face a lifetime of clinging to health. Because casualties aren’t dying as quickly today, the disease has faded from front pages. 


AIDS at Thirty will be a documentary looking at where the epidemic is now. 

The material in this documentary could prevent you, a loved one, or one of your children from getting infected with HIV, or increase your chances of surviving it. 

I've been trying to fund this documentary for months. I  first heard of Kickstarter  a crowd fundraising platform at a Harvardwood seminar. We can make this documentary with your help. For details, copy and paste this URL into your browser tool bar. 

Thank you for your help. 

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