Writing Partners' Package: WriterDuet & Scrivener/Scrapple Software

The Writing Partners' Package includes TWO copies of WriterDuet, for you and your writing partner, as well as two copies of Scrivener and Scrapple each!

WriterDuetLogoPlainFlat_(1).pngWriterDuet is modern, feature-rich screenwriting software built to simplify every aspect of writing for professionals and amateurs alike. It has real-time collaboration, infinite revision tracking, an advanced outliner, and a user-friendly interface that gives writers everything they need without getting in their way. WriterDuet has web-based and desktop versions that works seamlessly online & offline, automatically syncing whenever possible. And besides its own cloud storage, WriterDuet offers automatic backups to Google Drive, Dropbox, and your hard drive.

Even if you don't collaborate, WriterDuet's automatic syncing on your phone, tablet, and computer makes it easy to access your scripts from anywhere. And for writing teams, WriterDuet's real-time updates, text/audio/video chat, conversation-style notes, and ability to see exactly who made what changes when can simplify your process immensely. WriterDuet improves upon the core functionality screenwriters are used to, and adds a plethora of unique features that welcome screenwriters into the 21st century.

"Writer Duet is the most intuitive, most user-friendly scriptwriting software I’ve ever used. And it’s truly amazing to be able to write and share screens with one, two, or many different people at once. ... I wish I’d had this earlier in my career. I can’t say enough good things about Guy Goldstein and Writer Duet."

— Ed Solomon (Men in Black, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures, Now You See Me)

scrivener.jpgScrivener is a powerful content-generation tool for writers that allows you to concentrate on composing and structuring long and difficult documents. While it gives you complete control of the formatting, its focus is on helping you get to the end of that awkward first draft.

Scapple is an easy-to-use tool for getting ideas down as quickly as possible and making connections between them. It isn’t exactly mind-mapping software—it’s more like a freeform text editor that allows you to make notes anywhere on the page and to connect them using straight dotted lines or arrows. If you’ve ever scribbled down ideas all over a piece of paper and drawn lines between related thoughts, then you already know what Scapple does.

Estimated Value: $220
Starting Bid: $75
Bid Increments: $10


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