Under 20 Workout Membership (6 Months)

Under20_logo_CMYK.jpgCelebrity trainer and former NCAA Division 1 athlete in two sports, Justin O’Connor, created the U20 Home Workout System based on the scientifically proven BATS principle of moving your Body At Top Speed. The most recent scientific research concludes that shorter, higher intensity speed based workouts get better results than long cardio or heavy weightlifting.

In just 20 minutes 3X a week, The U20 System builds FAST TWITCH and SUPER FAST TWITCH muscle fibers which burn fat faster and give you the lean look of a sprinter, boxer or gymnast. The U20 started in a Los Feliz apartment and spread to 45 countries on 6 continents in just 18 months. Stream The U20 home workout system into your living room, by the pool or your hotel room. There is no equipment needed so never miss a workout when you’re traveling. With 80+ lightning fast workouts set up in order to get harder as your get fitter, you’ll never plateau or burn out from doing the same workout over and over again. Firmer. Fitter. Faster.

Estimated Value: $162
Starting Bid: $75
Bid Increments: $5


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