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I directed, edited, and shot this award-winning documentary exploring the hopes and challenges of sheltering refugees and migrants across Europe and the Middle East. You can find the trailer, more information, and an extended clip on the website. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about it or interest in it : <[email protected]>. After several successful film festival selections we're especially keen to hear from anyone interested in distributing it!

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SHELTER WITHOUT SHELTER explores the hopes and challenges involved in providing temporary housing for refugees. Filmed over three years since 2015, this six-part documentary investigates how forced migrants from Syria were sheltered across Europe and the Middle East, ending up in mega-camps, city squats, occupied airports, illegal settlements, requisitioned buildings, flat-pack structures, and enormous architect-designed reception centres. Containing perspectives from the humanitarians who created these shelters as well as the critics who campaigned against them, the documentary reveals the complex dilemmas involved in attempts to house refugees in emergency conditions. With unique access, and drawing on innovative research and , SHELTER WITHOUT SHELTER offers new insights on a universal human experience.

We all need shelter, but what is it?
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