3 Sessions with Life Coach Raz Mason

RazMason02.jpgThree 55-minute sessions with life coach (and Harvard alum) Raz Mason. Raz specializes in working with people seeking to handle work and/or personal life with lower anxiety, tackle difficult decisions with aplomb, and exercise powerful and integrity-driven leadership.

Gain assistance with a current or imminent project, including, but not limited to:
- Strategic brainstorming on action steps and navigating relationship dynamics;
- Addressing patterns of self-sabotage;
- Enhancing self-confidence and calmness in the face of stress;
- Developing a constructive accountability system.

For testimonials and more information on Raz's coaching approach and background, visit www.masonconsult.net. 

Estimated Value: $360
Starting Bid: $90
Bid Increments: $10


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