Mia Alpert

  • Creative Collusion Committee Seeks Creators/Performers/Crew to Make Content for 2020 Election Cycle

    The Creative Collusion Committee was created by Tara McGowan after she ran digital strategy on Obama’s 2012 campaign, during which she noticed a real opportunity in the lack of online messaging/targeted engagement with voters — which became even more evident after the 2016 election. So in 2017 she created her own PAC (Acronym), raised millions of dollars to address this problem head-on, and the results from 2017 special elections and 2018 midterms are positively phenomenal. Just before the 2018 midterms, the group approached a few creative folks (writers, producers, comedic talent, DP's, PAs, editors, composers, etc.) to put together some PSA’s on the importance of voting in state legislature campaigns, along with a couple other issues. They did it and the ads not only over performed, but they directly helped engage and educate unlikely voters in key races all over the country.

    Looking ahead to 2020, the Creative Collusion Committee is scaling up operations and hoping to produce an onslaught of good, funny, informative content to help with Civic Engagement, Voter Education and Get Out The Vote efforts. They are hoping to partner with enthusiastic, creative folks who want to put their talents toward engaging voters all over the country. Involvement can be at your convenience and may be anonymous if you prefer. Get more info and view last cycle’s CCC content here. Additionally, the FWIW newsletter breaks down digital strategy across the 2020 field and shows how the race for the White House is already being waged online.

  • WriteGirl creative writing / mentoring organization

    WriteGirl is a creative writing and mentoring organization that spotlights the power of girls. WriteGirl hosts monthly mentorship events, among other activities. The girls chosen for the mentorship program come from underserved communities and have limited resources within their school systems and homes. To support or get involved with WriteGirl, please visit: http://www.writegirl.org