Latest Video from Ten in Twenty: A Lexington Recording Project

Posted by Jennifer B. Miller

The Fanged Robot's "Let the Countdown Count Me" represents the fourth monthly installment of Ten in Twenty: A Lexington Recording Project (  While I work with quite a few collaborative arts projects, in this one I not only herd cats and handle business tasks as a producer--I also play a major role on the creative team.  In addition to helping during studio recording sessions, I edit all of the music videos and perform other design tasks.


More about Ten in Twenty:

Ten in Twenty: A Lexington Recording Project showcases new works from our Kentucky city’s diverse music community. Ten groups of established artists each collaborate on one original track with producer Duane Lundy (Ben Sollee/Daniel Martin Moore/Jim James, Vandaveer, These United States).
Each group or solo artist records with Lundy at Shangri-la Studios, focusing on a single piece of music over two days' time. As the artists experiment with musical arrangements and explore modern and vintage sound techniques, Lundy works across the ten songs to craft a continuous record. The organic process affirms each group’s distinctive songwriting and musical roots, and at the same time paints a broader creative landscape.
Once a month, Ten in Twenty releases a single audio track from the Shangri-la sessions, with photo and video extras online. The collection of recordings—in a limited edition vinyl album and online—will provide a rich sample of the varied influences and styles of modern songwriters in the heart of the Bluegrass state.
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