Ivory Tower -- The Season 6 Premiere

Posted by Maxwell A. Newman-Plotnick


Feeling stressed? 
Last week of classes got you down?

Take a break and watch...
The Season Premiere of Ivory Tower

"A Show and Tell Episode"
This year Ivory Tower is back and better than ever.  
If you're feeling at all nostalgic for those awkward Freshmen days, then CHECK THIS OUT!!!



Tiffanie Hsu '09 as MINA

  • An anal-retentive pre-med on the quest for absolute perfection.
Peter Davis '12 as JARED
  • A neurotic recluse making his first foray into the big, bad, world.

Kaethe Kaufman '12 as ANGELA

  • For that international flair...and awkwardness.
Benjamin Glaser '09 as SAM
  • Urban and urbane, a man who knows what's what.

Aneliese Palmer '12 as JOANIE

  • Bringing 1969 back to Kremlin on the Charles.
Ryan Halprin '12 as STEVE
  • The laid-back guy who inadvertently gets all the girls.


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