I'm a Harvardwood member, but the website doesn't recognize my login. Help!


If you joined Harvardwood before March 1, 2015 and are visiting this website for the first time, you need to activate and set up your account. Although your membership information has been preserved, your login password was not transferred for security reasons. All you need to do now is set up your login/password information securely on our new and improved site by activating your account.

Activating your account is easy! You will need your original Harvardwood account email (that's probably the email address at which you receive the Harvardwood Weekly and the monthly Highlights newsletters).

Click here and enter your email address in the right column, under "Create Your Harvardwood Account." Hit "Send account activation," and you will receive an email to activate your Harvardwood account. Please see the image below for additional assistance.


Membership expired? Check out your membership options and re-join Harvardwood. Please note that Affiliate status is no longer a membership option; if you were an Affiliate, you are now a newsletter subscriber but you can upgrade to Full Membership at any time.

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