Help—I'm subscribed but I'm not receiving any Harvardwood emails!


First, be sure to safelist any emails from an "" domain to ensure receipt of all Harvardwood information. You can safelist us by adding "" emails to your address book.

If you are a Harvardwood member, you should receive our Weekly newsletter every Monday morning (plain text) and the Harvardwood Highlights on on the 1st or 2nd of each month (html). If you are not receiving these notices, please check your spam folder for Harvardwood messages.

We've occasionally documented issues between servers and servers. Harvard has tried its best to ensure timely receipt of Harvardwood messages to users, but it has not always been consistent. To ensure timely receipt of all Harvardwood messages, consider changing your primary account email to a non post.harvard email (presumably the email you forward your @post messages to), and list your address as the alternate email in your account.

Lastly, make sure you are opted-in to Harvardwood email in your profile.

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