Harvardwood: Impact in 2020

What a year it has been. 

Our team at Harvardwood is excited to provide you with our 2020 Impact Report - even as the pandemic upended much of Harvardwood’s traditional program structure, we still managed to serve our student and alumni members - and our virtual events had the widest reach in our history!

We could not have had the impact we did without the generous time and support from our VIP supporters, who generously gave their time for panels, master classes, salons and more in 2020. 

Thank you also to those who participated in our 101 Bootcamp and other wonderful programs. 

As you can see below, your efforts reached 750+ individuals, some as far away as Hong Kong: 

Special thanks to our partners at the Office of Career Services, Office of Fine Arts, and the Harvard Club of Southern California

In addition, we would like to express our deepest appreciation to the individuals who donated generously in 2020 to our programs.

We are grateful for such a supportive community of individuals who have made all of this possible. One day, those 50 Harvard students will have become noted creatives in whatever industry they choose, and they will remember the Harvard creatives who gave their time and talent to them during the year of Covid. As in the Harvardwood tradition, they will pay it forward.

Thank you for everything this year.