Harvard Yale Aid (On Harvard Time)



Every night over 11,000 students have to sleep at Yale... but you can make a difference.
Call 1-203-432-2400 to adopt a Yalie today.

When life gives you Yale, make Yale Aid.

On Harvard Time is Harvard's Nearly-Weekly Comedy News Show! 
Started in Spring 2007, it has since released nearly 20 episodes and special-edition interviews (with renowned celebrities such as Mike Gravel and Karl Rove). At Harvard, it currently has a team of 45+ undergraduates and maintains a fully-functioning studio with industry-standard equipment. 

Want to see more of On Harvard Time? Check out our episodes and more at: http://www.OnHarvardTime.com

We're a growing organization and would love to hear from you! We'd love any help or advice you would be willing to impart. If interested, please email [email protected] or Executive Producer and Founder Derek Flanzraich at [email protected] with any thoughts, questions,or comments.

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