Angela Chao Gift Announcement

Harvardwood is pleased to announce that it has received a $5,000 donation from Angela Chao (AB 1995, MBA 2001), Chair and CEO of Foremost Group and Co-Chair of The Asian American Foundation Advisory Council, to support Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) artists. The donation will support Harvardwood members who self-identify as AAPI and their work, artistic efforts and desire to share their lived experience as a member of the AAPI community. 

The duration of the gift will span one year of Harvardwood programming and provide a financial stipend to both a Summer Internship student participant and 101 Boot Camp student participant, a Heroes grant, prize awards for the 2022 Harvardwood Writers Competition, and free participation for both the fall and spring modules of the Jeff Sagansky TV Writers Program and the Features Writers Program.  All Harvardwood members who identify as Asian American or Pacific Islander will be welcome to apply, and Harvardwood will announce opportunities for each program. 

Harvardwood is committed to spotlighting and promoting diverse voices, as a core aspect of our mission is providing creative and professional growth opportunities to artists who have been traditionally under-represented in the arts and entertainment fields. This gift enables AAPI students and alumni to gain opportunities to explore a creative field regardless of financial support.

 “We are thrilled and honored to partner with Angela Chao on an initiative to uplift AAPI artists and stories,” said Harvardwood Co-Founder Mia Riverton Alpert. “During this challenging time for our world at large, and the AAPI community in particular, we continue to believe in the power of the arts to foster empathy and understanding by telling stories that highlight the common humanity we all share.”

Justin White, Harvardwood’s Director, shared; “We look forward to working with Ms. Chao as we implement this incredibly generous gift over the next few months, and we are excited about this new chapter for Harvardwood.”

Angela Chao commented, “It’s always an honor for me to be able to support Asian-American and Pacific Islander students and graduates as they express their voices and tell their stories through art. Especially during these times where issues facing Asian-American and Pacific Islanders are at the forefront of public attention, I’m looking forward to seeing the artists’ work and highlighting our community’s stories and experiences.”

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