Annual Appeal | 2011

As we enter the holiday season, we are honored to reflect on the ways in which you all have contributed to the success of Harvardwood over the past year -- we continue to experience overwhelming growth and are optimistic about the future of our organization.

In this year alone we’ve seen the release of new titles under the Harvardwood Publishing imprint, including A BRIEF HISTORY OF HARVARD EATERIES AND WATERING HOLES (get your own copy by clicking the image!); the release of Harvardwood’s Most Staffable List by the Harvardwood Writers’ Program, resulting in staff placements on such shows as COVERT AFFAIRS, AWAKE, and FAMILY GUY; the re-launch of Harvard ROCKS, creating awesome new opportunities for our musicians; actors from the Harvardwood Talent Group land roles on such shows and movies as MODERN FAMILY, WEEDS, and J.EDGAR; and more! To get a sense of just how far we’ve come you can review a more comprehensive list of 2011 accomplishments by clicking here!

In spite of this success, however, the ongoing global economic crisis has taken its toll -- perhaps most devastating is the loss of Harvard University funding for our student programs, including the life-changing Harvardwood 101 career exploration program for undergraduates. We are committed to maintaining all of our existing programs, and it is therefore imperative that we now expand our fundraising and sponsorship initiatives to support and sustain Harvardwood's growth and well-being.

Here are a few ways in which you can support Harvardwood:

1) MAKE A CASH DONATION (click here to make an online donation or for information on where to send a check)

2) MAKE AN IN-KIND DONATION (we are specifically looking for donations to our holiday silent auction, access to local venues for events and parties throughout the year, and food/beverage donations for events throughout the year. Email [email protected] for more information on contributing in-kind donations)

3) BRING IN A SPONSOR (click here to learn more about ongoing sponsorship opportunities with Harvardwood)

We thank you for your ongoing volunteer efforts, the support of your dues, as well as the many other ways you continue to enhance the Harvardwood community. We remain committed to keeping dues affordable so that the opportunities created by Harvardwood are accessible to everyone. To assist in that effort, we ask that you would consider making a donation to Harvardwood in this holiday season. Your donation will help us further develop our administrative staff support, continue to expand our offerings, and ensure the longevity of Harvardwood and its resources. All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by our 501(c )(3) status.

You can make your donation online here, or send a check or money order to Harvardwood, PO Box 461503, Los Angeles, CA 90046. All Gold and Silver donors will be recognized on the donations page on the Harvardwood website and will receive a special invite to the annual "Evening Before” Harvard in Hollywood VIP event!

We will be grateful for gifts of any amount -- thank you for your consideration!


Mia, Allison, Adam, Stacy, and the Harvardwood Board

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