Harvardwood Presents: A Conversation with Jeff Schaffer, Executive Producer of Curb Your Enthusiasm

November 09, 2021 at 6:00pm - 7pm

6:00pm PST / 9:00pm EST

Join Harvardwood for a conversation with Jeff Schaffer, Executive Producer, Curb Your Enthusiasm

Jeff Schaffer doesn’t want to talk about all the work he’s done. Don’t get him wrong, he wants you to know about it, and he really wants the adulation, but he doesn’t want to have to tell you himself and seem like a braggart.

He would love you to know that he’s spent a large portion of his adult life working with Larry David - writing and then producing four seasons of Seinfeld with his partner Alec Berg, eventually helping to run the show until it was cruelly cancelled. And he wants you to hear all about how he has worked on Curb Your Enthusiasm since Season 5 as a writer, director and executive producer. But he can’t tell you any of this. How cheesy do you think he is?

He’s also worked on movies that he would love to be commended for, including Eurotrip, Clear History, and traveling around the world with Sacha Baron Cohen writing and producing Bruno and The Dictator. These are the highlights. Lowlights are available upon request.

And of course he wants you to know that he and his wife, Jackie, also created and ran the show The League for seven seasons. And he co-created and EPs the show Dave on FX/Hulu. But he can’t just come right out and say it. That would smack of desperation.

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